4 (four) is a composite number. Its only factor is 2.


Big Bird and the Tarnish Brothers (later the Oinker Sisters) sing I Just Adore Four.

Mad Painter paints a number 4 on an umbrella.

Four Anything Muppets give four big cheers for the number 4.

Abstract Count - 4 is a kite.

Egyptian #4

Swinging Numbers #4

Colorblock Grid #4

A four-headed man sings about the number 4.

Falling Baker #4 - 4 dolls, 4 balloons, 4 fish, 4 wind-up toys, 4 arms, 4 root beer floats

The Count's Number Of The Day #4 - Four honkers appear.

Pinball #4 - Golf

Counting 4 warhol flowers.

Number Guy - 4 elephants

Donnie Budd - Four Lions

Counting to 4 in scanimation

4 genies

Hortense - 4 ants

Fem Myror Cartoons - 4 coconuts, 4 dolphins, 4 elephants, 4 ducks, 4 primates

4 dots

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