6 (six) is a composite number. Its factors are 2 and 3.


Bert sings about his favorite number: 6.

Falling Baker #6: 6 chicks, 6 squares, 6 flying things, 6 cats, 6 cameras, 6 strawberry shortcakes

The Count's Numebr of The Day #6: Five sheep and 1 chicken appear, which altogether makes 6.

Rap #6

The Queen of Six

Donnie Budd - Six Snails

Fem Myror Cartoons: 6 camels, 6 chickens, 6 fish, 6 kangaroos, 6 pigs

Pinball #6: Farm

Colorblock Grid #6

Six Circus Balls

Six Soccer Socks

The Mad Painter writes a 6 on a cake.

Number Creatures - 6 is a dog.

Six Feet Under

Cooking By The Numbers #6

Kermit counts 6 Twiddlebugs.

6 flowers

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