Donnie Budd was a hillbilly fiddler who fiddled and sang songs about numbers from 2 through 6. He was voiced by Bud Luckey, who created and animated his segments for Season 3 of Sesame Street.

Sketches with SegmentsEdit

  • 2 (Video: Learning About Numbers; The Great Numbers Game)
    • Two toucans do a two-step dance with two gnus, two caribous, two kangaroos, and two cuckoos.
  • 3
    • Three boars, Pekingese dogs, and snapping turtles get together on a fat woman's lap.
  • 4 (Video: Learning About Numbers)
    • Donnie sings and counts four lions.
  • 5
    • Five dogs, chickens, cats, frogs, and cows make the wrong sounds.
  • 6
    • In this song, six snails leave silvery trails in their wake. These six trails become other things, like nails (the tips of which turn into sails on boats).

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