A series of song segments, directed by Jane Aaron and with music and lyrics by Christopher Cerf. In voice-over, singers would praise letters, which would pop up from the ground in animation or appear as pixellated props in live-action settings. The songs were registered according to the letter, i.e. "Big B and Little B" and so on down the line.

The series debuted in season 26 with four songs ("B," "D," "R," "T") and four more were produced the following season ("C," "G," "J," "P").


  • B (Song: Boy Oh Boy, Gonna Love These B's)
  • C (Song: C, You're Cool)
  • D (Song: D, You're the Letter for Me)
  • G (Video: All-Star Alphabet) (Song: G, You're Great)
  • J (Song: J, How Jazzy Can You Get)
  • P (Song: Praise The Letter P)
  • R (Song: Rah, Rah, Rah, Letter R)
  • T (Song: T, You're Terrific)


  • In the B segment, the scene with the big B is used twice.
  • G is the only segment that is released to home video.
  • P is the only segment where the lowercase comes first, following the capital.
  • The R segment is sung by Chris Cerf, who uses his Little Chrissy voice.
  • Along with its number counterpart series, the songs are not limericks.
  • It's unknown who sung C, P, and T.