A series of films where the letter of the day is shown on a CGI planet and a rocket ship flies by. Maria does voiceover while saying the letter of the day.


  • E
  • G
  • H
  • J (Video: The Alphabet Jungle Game)
  • Q
  • Y


  • Running time of each segment is approximately 21-22 seconds.
  • E and sometimes Y are the only vowels in the series.
  • H and Q are the only segments that are hard to find on online video.
    • H used to be on online video.
  • J is the only segment that is released to home video.
  • The typeface for the letters is Helvetica Bold.
    • However, the G is without its spur and the tail on the lowercase y is straight.
  • Each letter has their own planet color:
    • Blue for E
    • Yellow for G
    • Purple for H
    • Magenta for J
    • Red for Q
    • Green for Y