Sesame Street - Pencil Box Y y

Sesame Street - Pencil Box Y y

The first segment the letters, E, I, and K made by floating school materials.

First Segments (School Supplies)

  • C (fanon)
  • E (Episodes)
  • F (fanon)
  • I (Video: The Alphabet Jungle Game) (Episodes)
  • J (fanon)
  • K (this was the first pencil box sketch) (Episodes)
  • R (fanon)
  • V (fanon)

Second Segments (Art Supplies)

  • A (Spray Paint) (Yellow Background) (Episodes)
  • B (Acrylic Paint) (Yellow Background) (Video: The Alphabet Jungle Game) (Episodes)
  • D (Spray Paint) (Blue Background) (fanon)
  • G (Paintbrush) (Green Background) (Episodes)
  • H (Acrylic Paint) (Green Background) (fanon)
  • L (Paintbrush) (Yellow Background) (fanon)
  • M (Washable Paint) (Yellow Background) (Episodes)
  • N (Crayons) (Blue Background) (fanon)
  • O (Crayons) (Yellow Background) (fanon)
  • P (Acrylic Paint) (Yellow Background) (fanon)
  • Q (Crayons) (Blue Background)(fanon)
  • S (Spray Paint) (Yellow Background)(fanon)
  • T (Washable Paint) (Blue Background)(fanon)
  • U (Paintbrush) (Green Background) (fanon)
  • W (Washable Paint) (Blue Background) (fanon)
  • X (Paintbrush) (Green Background) (fanon)
  • Y (Crayons) (Green Background) (Episodes)
  • Z (Acrylic Paint) (Yellow Background) (fanon)


  • K is the only consonant (not counting fanon segments) in the School Supplies part of the segment series.
  • In the alphabet jungle game, the sound of the art supplies pencil box in the B segment is heard.
  • Y is the only Art Supplies segment without a red letter and the only one with a yellow letter.
  • A, B, and M are the only yellow background segments in the series.
  • M is the only segment to be release into
  • The airbrushes in the A segment possibly means A is for airbrush.
  • The yellow crayon in the Y segment possibly means Y is for yellow.
  • The green background in the G segment possibly means G is for green.
  • The background music for the art supplies segments is used in some Cartoon Network bumpers.
  • The name of the background music for the art supplies is unknown.