A recurring series of animated Sesame Street segments featuring a soul group, animated using cardboard cut-outs.

In the manner of James Brown, the lead singer sings about certain letters of the alphabet which, when pronounced correctly, come out sounding like one of Brown's trademark yells.


  • A (Video: The Alphabet Jungle Game, Bert and Ernie's Word Play)
  • H (Video: All-Star Alphabet)
  • O

Demonstrated words beginning with the letter of the day

A Words

  • Apple
  • Ape
  • Age

H Words

  • Ha
  • Hip
  • Hey
  • Help

O Words

  • Open
  • Okay
  • Old
  • Oboe
  • Octopus


H is the only consonant in the series.

H is also the only segment without any backup singing voices.

The H song is about making an H word by adding letters after the H.

O is the only letter in the series that is not released to home video.

O is also the only letter where the backup singers sing two-syllable words: open, okay, and oboe.

Running time of each segment is 33-34 seconds.