Sesame Street Underwater Letter Y

Underwater Letter Y

Sesame Street - Jaws Parody "E"00:46

Sesame Street - Jaws Parody "E"

Sesame Street - Jaws Parody W00:45

Sesame Street - Jaws Parody W

The segment series take place in a pool. A big letter rises from the pool in a Jaws spoof and the kids in the pool say the letter.


  • E
  • F
  • K
  • N
  • R
  • S
  • W
  • X
  • Y


  • E and sometimes Y are the only vowels in the segment series.
  • Running time of each segment is approximately 45 seconds.
  • Each letter has their own color pattern:
    • E: Red with yellow circles
    • F: Green with red fish-shaped (possible because fish starts with F)
    • K: Orange with red and white squares
    • N: Green with yellow bubbles
    • R: Light blue with red and orange straight lines
    • S: Orange with red wavy lines
    • W: Lavender with green diamonds
    • X: Same as N, but yellow and blue
    • Y: Orange with red and white scribbles
  • This series has the same cutout letter S in Safari Letters.

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