Writing Alphabet is a Sesame Street segment from the 80's. In this segment, the alphabet is presented using many materials and writing methods. The letter Z is always said in a backwards glissando. In 2000, the new graphics were added for the last 7 letters of the alphabet. Taken from Getting Ready For School on VHS.

The writing methods used:

  • A - sand
  • B - rocks
  • C - chalk
  • D - chisel
  • E - clay
  • F - nature
  • G - painting with a stick
  • H - foggy window
  • I - ink
  • J - painting with a paintbrush
  • K - crayon
  • L - dry-erase marker
  • M - standard marker
  • N - pencil tracing
  • O - eraser
  • P - hands
  • Q - rubber stamp
  • R - printing press
  • S - paper machine
  • T - typewriter (original version), computer (new version)
  • U - grid (original version), computer animation (new version)
  • V - paper cutout (original version), circles (new version)
  • W - computer graphics (original version), moving quadrilaterals (new version)
  • X - computer graphics stamping on difference colors (original version), two vs making an x (new version)
  • Y - computer animation making round letter (original version), spinning x (new version)
  • Z - computer animation (original version), drawing on squares (new version).


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